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October 26
Debate continues over dinosaur demise
October 16
Strong earthquake shakes up Hawaii
October 12
Travels in Geology: Staffa: A medley
September 29
Opportunity reaches martian crater
September 19
Travels in Geology: Summer roadtrip: A fossil aquarium in Wyoming
September 11
Mayon Volcano eruption slows

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Geotimes looks at three events that changed Earth’s history.
Catastrophe and Opportunity in an Ancient Hot-House Climate When the Mediterranean Dried Up: Forensics of a Geocatastrophe The Great Death: Redefining a Mass Extinction

Lifting the Veil on History's Unsung Earth Scientists Print Exclusive
A Renaissance artist, two U.S. presidents, a First Lady and a groundbreaking physician all shared a common interest — geology.
Geotimes staff

Unlocking Blackbeard's Secrets Print Exclusive
Geoscientists are helping archaeologists excavate the wreck of what they think was Blackbeard's infamous pirate ship.
Megan Sever

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News Notes
Planets redefined: Pluto gets demoted
Flexing plates produce volcanoes
Missing tapes could reveal clearer moon
Pinpointing Louisiana's natural sinking
Giving carbon a deep-sea burial
Fossil embryos exposed in 3-D
River bends reveal past quakes
Shifting winds churn up dead zone

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Small particles pack big climate punch
Satellites see post-Sumatra seafloor shifts

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Copper thefts run rampant
Mineral resource of the month: Nickel

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Taking a Fresh Look at Desalination
With water shortages pervasive in the United States, scientists are taking another crack at desalting water in more economical ways.
Jennifer Yauck

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views.html Comment
Moving Past Creationist Roots
A once young-Earth creationist tells his story of geologic revelation.
Stephen Godfrey

Political Scene
Congress Weighs in on Geoscience Training
A wave of retirements is creating jobs in the geoscience workforce that need to be filled, and fast.
Margaret Anne Baker

Geologic Column
Still Buying Green Bananas

Cheer up the apocalypse probably is not nigh.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
David Fastovsky: Dinosaur virtuoso

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Books: Inspecting the diamond industry: Q&A with author Tom Zoellner
Books: Historical deflections: A review of Weighing the World

On the Web: PLUTO underwater

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
October 17, 1989: Earthquake shakes World Series

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?
An artist's rendition imagines the refilling of the Mediterranean Sea about 5 million years ago, after several hundred thousand years of being largely dried out. Scientists are learning more about the complex geologic and climatic processes that led to the drying out and subsequent refilling. Read more in this issue. Digital Matte Painting by Sithiriscient Khay and Claude Précour, Meteor Studios Inc.,
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Next month: Alaska

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