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August 30
Wide-open West
August 20
Tahoe quakes: business as usual?

August 12
Travels in Geology: Roving Oregon's dunes
August 5
Whale-bone-eating worms
August 4
Slow boat to a small planet
July 30
Congo's illegal uranium mining

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Understanding the Mysteries of the Grape
Geology and grapes connect in complex ways to produce the perfect glass of wine.
Larry Meinert

Making Wine in a Changing Climate
In a recent taste test, English sparkling wines bested French Champagnes — perhaps heralding a worldwide trend linked to global warming.
Gregory Jones

The Quest for Better Wine Using Geophysics
Probing below the ground can help winemakers better understand what makes their grapes tick.
Susan Hubbard and Yoram Rubin
news.html News Notes
Doubling the ice record
The missing methane link
Soils influenced Hawaiian chiefdoms
A loophole threatens Yucca Mountain
Fossil fetus of flying reptile unearthed
Burrowing K/T survivors
Pressure shifts in Yellowstone
New water model for Southwest
Sliding into Saturn
Fossil victory in Alabama

New explanations for Western drought

Energy & Resources
Geology and Beer: It's in the water; What's in a name?
Mineral of the Month: Tantalum

Geoscience Education and Outreach
Best in Show
A 17-year-old from Fort Meyers, Fla., blew the competition away with her seafloor volcanism project at the recent Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.
Megan Sever

Wine Insurance in the Northeast
Even in the wet northeastern United States, vineyards need some extra protection against times of drought.
Naomi Lubick

views.html Comment
Making an Impact on the Hill
The scientific community must champion itself to promote greater recognition and funding of its programs.
The Honorable Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.)

Political Scene
Budget Procrastination
Policy-makers need to stop dragging their feet when it comes to passing the federal budget.
Emily Lehr Wallace

Geologic Column
California Wines: Well-Shaken and Stirred
Earthquake country and wine country collide in California making for good drinking and high-risk living.
Susan Hough
departments Profiles
Susan Solomon: Chemistry in the clouds
In Memoriam: Jerry P. Eaton; Jesse Daniel Skelton

Check out this month's Energy Notes!

Geologic wonders hit the highway
Book reviews: Geology and Health: Closing the Gap; Desert Heat — Volcanic Fire
On the Shelf: Geology and wine
On the Web

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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

Geology plays a powerful role in the development of high-quality wine grapes, and in turn, high-quality wine. Photo of the wine grapes is courtesy of the Wine Institute. Photo of the Chabot Vineyard, Glass Mountain, Napa Valley, is courtesy of David Howell. Cover created by Mark Shaver.
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Geologic Column: California Wines — Well-Shaken and Stirred
September: Higher Education

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