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February 28
Redating the earliest humans

February 22
Earthquake rattles Iran
February 14
Travels in Geology: Glacier National Park
February 9
An austere budget for 2006
February 7
Virtual climate experiment's results
January 24
TIGER in the Sky

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Fossil Hunting in Antarctica
A team of paleontologists explored the barren Antarctic to look for fossils of marsupials that once traveled through the continent, but instead found another fossil surprise.
James E. Martin and Judd A. Case

Passion for Paleo: Amateur Fossil
Print Exclusive
Collecting fossils is a hobby beloved by people of all ages and backgrounds and one that has boomed into big business at shows and on the Internet.
Lisa M. Pinsker

Twenty-Five Years of Mass Extinctions
and Impacts
Print Exclusive
The causes of major extinction events throughout geologic history are more complicated than simple asteroid collisions.
Spencer G. Lucas

news.html News Notes
Tsunami devastates Asia
Kyoto ratified
NASA debates Hubble's fate
Cicadas speed forest growth
Budget battles
Mummy tar in ancient Egypt
Reaching past heights
Mid-ocean ridge spread or jam?
Bugging out with warmer weather
Touching Titan

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Locating “spritely” lightning
Mount St. Helens still erupting — a lot
Japanese volcano up close

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Garbage-eating Geobacter
Mopping up arsenic

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Burying carbon dioxide, Part I
Yukos under fire
Mineral of the Month: Potash

Education & Outreach
Paleontologist for a Day
Throughout the western United States, dinosaur “dude ranches” offer families the opportunity to dig fossils for a day.
Megan Sever

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views.html Comment
Frontiers of Paleontology
From genetically charting ancient creatures to creating vast cyber-databases — many challenges and new lines of exploration lie ahead for a field scientists recently thought was in decline.
Warren D. Allmon

Political Scene
For Starters: Lame Duck
The lame duck Congress was action-packed, with budgets and intelligence reform on the floor.
Katie Donnelly

Geologic Column
Working — and Writing — in the Rain
Hardened tools seem custom-made for the hardy geologist.
Lisa A. Rossbacher
departments Profiles
George H. Billingsley: Mapping the Grand Canyon
In Memoriam: Thomas Wilson Dibblee Jr.

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On Exhibit: Denver of Old
Books: From Pompeii to the World Trade Center: A review of Ghosts of Vesuvius
Books: Paleontology On the Shelf

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Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

Conducting research in Antarctica is tough work, as paleontologists recently learned on a fossil-hunting expedition. Regular snowstorms give way to extremely dry conditions that sublimate the frozen precipitation. Read story on page 18. Antarctic photo by James Martin; ammonite photo copyright of Oklahoma University. Upper right: After a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami waves on Dec. 26, water flowed out of the inundated area and back into the sea, creating turbulence offshore Sri Lanka. Read story on page 8. Photo copyright DigitalGlobe.
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Predicting Hazards

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