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February 20
Travels in Geology: Prince Edward Island
February 15
NASA mission to study magnetic storms
February 9
Terrain flat for '08 budget
February 2

Climate report points finger at fossil fuels
January 29
Anti-icers make airport runoff toxic

January 25
Bush renews call for renewable fuels
January 23
Without a budget, NSF loses

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Rolling Across the Roof of the World
In July 2006, the railroad linking China and Tibet opened for business, in what is likely to be one of the greatest geotechnical engineering achievements of the 21st century.
James C. Cobb, Lanmin Wang, Edward W. Woolery, Zhenming Wang, Zhijian Wu

Prevention Is the Best Medicine: Doing Site Evaluations to Prevent Geological Hazard Catastrophes Print Exclusive
Preventing loss from the failure of structures and resisting the impact of geological processes is of paramount importance to public safety. To help prevent such losses, engineering geologists and geological engineers investigate sites for geological hazards prior to development.
Scott Burns

Building Bridges With Icy Challenges Print Exclusive
Building a bridge across the Bering Strait might seem fanciful, but the technology to create it is sound — and the bridge has some practical applications, such as transporting natural resources from Russia to North America.
Kathryn Hansen

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News Notes
Water responsible for martian landscape?
USGS says no hush orders given
Surprise! Stardust lands actual stardust
Creating a formula for the Northern Lights
Cassini sees lakes on Titan
Escape from snowball Earth
Climate to blame in cultural collapses
Past El Niños portend future climates
Shifting winds shift warming trends?
Did you know? “Plutoed” is word of the year

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Heavy Hawaii spawns twin earthquakes

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Offshore drilling approved
Mineral resource of the month: Vanadium
Did you know? Human fat may be used as biofuel

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Google Planet: With Virtual Globes, Earth Scientists See a New World
Scientists and nonscientists alike are increasingly utilizing the user-friendly Google Earth to connect and share data with each other and to watch the planet in motion.
Carolyn Gramling

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views.html Comment
Science, Catastrophe Risk Models and Insurance
Geoscientific research is quite important in the insurance industry’s catastrophe risk models, and is growing ever more important as the climate changes.
Richard J. Murnane

Geologic Column
Does Geology Kill You?

What you don’t know about geology could kill you — spread the word before the diseases spread.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
Susan Cannon: Watching for flowing mud

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Books: Mining for Information: Q&A with Tom Henry about Following the Boulder Train
Books: Mark Twain’s “Lost Cement Mine” no longer lost?

On the Web: Earth from space in real time

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
February 1, 1953: The Great Dutch Flood

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway boasts more than 450 bridges as it crosses three major mountain chains and five rivers. The Sanchahe Bridge, pictured, is the tallest bridge on the railway at 54.1 meters.
Photo by James Cobb.
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Next month: Domestic fuels

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