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January 30
2005 was warmest year on record
January 17
Stardust landing a smashing success
January 13
Plant methane surprises climate scientists
January 6
Travels in Geology: Belize

December 23
No lake on Mars?
December 20
Victory for evolution in Dover

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The Three Faces of Dinosaurs
The study of dinosaurs has come a long way from its early days in 19th century England, undergoing a renaissance of discovery in recent years.
Spencer G. Lucas

Drawing Dinosaurs Print Exclusive
Over the past 200 years, artists have altered their portrayal of dinosaurs from sluggish lizards to energetic ancestors of birds, in step with scientific discoveries.
Greg Paul

On the Trail of Dinosaurs Print Exclusive
Dinosaur footprints have revolutionized our understanding of the ancient beasts — from how fast they ran to where they lived.
Martin Lockley

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news.html News Notes
Warming linked to disease outbreaks
Seismic warnings
Mammoth meteorite unearthed
Godzilla had flippers
Planet warms, plants move in
Sizing up a crater
Volcanoes slow sea-level rise
Fire-starting hotspot
Old "footprints" stomped out?

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Kashmir landslide snapshot
Icy breakup

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Oil pricing in the hot seat
Mineral Resource of the Month: Cement

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Monsters, Gods and Dinosaurs
Myths reveal the earliest explanations people sought for ancient creatures, from gold-guarding griffins to one-eyed monsters.
Megan Sever

Education & Outreach
U.S. Science Gap on Global Stage
American students need to keep up with their international peers in math and science if they are to stay competitive globally.
Kathryn Hansen

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views.html Comment
Time Out of Mind
Connecting people to the struggle to understand geologic time is key to effectively communicating about Earth.
Alan Cutler

Political Scene
The Rise and Fall of FEMA
A look at the history of the U.S. federal disaster agency can inform the debate over the future direction of governmental disaster response.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
10 Earth Issues to Watch

Heading into the new year, several geoscience issues rise to the top as important trends to track.
Lisa A. Rossbacher

departments Profiles
Gerald Friedman: Sediment historian

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Books: Fine feathered adventures in China: A review of Unearthing the Dragon
On the Web: Digimorph and Gas Buddy

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
Jan. 10, 1901: Texas oil gusher

The Spindletop site in Beaumont, Texas, becomes the first major U.S. oil discovery.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

This depiction of a pair of Late Cretaceous Tyrannosaurus rex individuals at full run continues to remain controversial, as it shows that the giant bipeds could achieve high speeds. Paleontologists who once viewed dinosaurs as slow behemoths now depict them with a wide range of energy levels and with higher accuracy, based on new discoveries. Illustration by Greg Paul.
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Geologic Column: 10 Earth Issues to Watch; Education & Outreach: U.S. Science Gap on Global Stage
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