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August 30
Hurricane Katrina hits hard
August 16
Earthquake shakes Japanese coast
August 16
Travels in Geology: Stone sleuthing in Bulgaria
August 12
Drilling project finds fault
August 8
Hurricane outlook updated
August 4
Shuttle repair rundown Updated at 5:00 p.m., Aug. 4
July 26
Discovery returns to flight
July 25
Rare 3-D fossil preservation

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Travels in Geology Archive

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Geotimes Poll

When do you think we'll rely on fuels or energy other than oil or gas for our transportation?

1-5 years
6-10 years
11-20 years
More than 20 years
I don't know

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Weighing in on Renewable Energy Efficiency

Producing energy always requires energy, and that paradox highlights the importance of efficiency when judging any new energy technology.
David Pimentel

The Race to Connect Cars, Communities and Renewables Print Exclusive
There is a new way for people to cash in on hybrid cars — on the grid — and some people hope that integration will be in our future.
Terry Penney and Jennifer Elling

Hooking into Local Clean Energy Print Exclusive
From underwater turbines in the East River to solar energy panels at the Pentagon, some innovative projects are using non-oil and gas energy sources to generate electricity.
Geotimes staff

news.html News Notes
Red tide plagues Northeast
Early migration for Canadian oil
Space administration shakeup
Sumatra tsunami fault photographed
Confusion over sinking coasts in Gulf
River of data decodes Nile cycles
Marshes record climate changes
Heat on U.S. climate policy
Icy methane volcano on Titan

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
California earthquakes linked?
Great Salt Lake spiral submerged

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
U.S.-China energy quandary
Plastic oil
Mineral of the Month: Cadmium

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Injecting Energy Into Advertising
What do a tap-dancing elephant and 3-D seismic have in common? Just turn on your TV, and don’t skip the commercials.
Naomi Lubick

Education & Outreach
Geology 101 in Prison
Meet the graduating class at San Quentin: Their dorms are behind bars, the prison yard is their classroom, and their teachers include geologists who are eager to
expand their horizons.
Megan Sever

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views.html Comment
The Sustainable Hydrogen Economy
Hydrogen offers something most other alternative energy sources do not — the potential to replace gasoline in the transportation sector.
John A. Turner

Political Scene
The State of Nuclear Nonproliferation
On the Hill, nuclear issues have been garnering attention, as leaders consider both energy and security issues.
Katie Donnelly

Geologic Column
Our National Treasure
Look no further than the U.S. National Park System for some unique refuges that are in need of some extra attention countrywide.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
Brian Atwater: Earthquake hunter in the field

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Movies: I.D. screen time at the Smithsonian
Books: Dancing with giants: A review of The Last Giant of Beringia
Books: Skimming the surface of an epidemic: A review of Venomous Earth
Maps: Mapping a transportation hub in Alabama

On the Web: Space and time

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
August 24, A.D. 79
Mount Vesuvius buries the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

As the world faces increasing energy challenges, researchers are looking at both new ways to get off the electric grid as well as to plug in with a diverse mix of renewable-energy technologies and electric hybrid vehicles. Stock photo courtesy of the Earth Science World ImageBank.
announcing Coming Soon...
September: Human Evolution

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