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December 29
Science on a budget
December 27 updated, Dec. 28
Indonesian quake triggers massive tsunami
December 21
Travels in Geology: Lebanon's limestone
December 17
A Saturnian one-two punch
December 15

Evidence for water on Mars flows correction, Dec. 20
December 6
Yucca on hold

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Next month, Geotimes takes a look at forensic geology — how investigators use geologic evidence to solve crimes.

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Global Oil Hot Spots
Changing technological, political and economic landscapes are opening up new opportunities — and new challenges — for meeting the world's petroleum needs.
Geotimes staff

U.S. Offshore Oil Industry: New Perspectives on an Old Conflict
The United States and Norway have taken vastly different approaches for developing oil resources offshore while addressing environmental concerns.
Frank T. Manheim

Deepwater: Petroleum's Third Wave
Offshore exploration for petroleum is reaching deeper than ever before.
Rasoul Sorkhabi

A Passive Approach to Healthy Oil Production
Listening to the planet's creaks and groans allows researchers to "watch" what is happening to oil and natural gas belowground.
Lisa M. Pinsker

news.html News Notes
Alaska's new pipeline
New dates for old deer bones
Carbon dioxide alchemy
Antarctic ice connections
Review of creationist book shelved
Pyrite fossil preservation
Acidic waters threaten sea life
Vying for the North Pole

Corroding pipe organs
Extreme storms as climate warms

For Students
Dangerous Field Encounters

From skirting mountain drops and avoiding hostile townspeople to fighting off predatory animals, working in the field can be hazardous.
Callan Bentley

views.html Comment
Seismic Success Story in Wyoming
Citizens can be effective in promoting policy change: Take the case of a group of local citizens who rallied the support of Congress and their community in installing a seismic network.
Wallace Ulrich

Political Scene
Beating Natural Hazards to the Punch
Proactive strategies to mitigate natural hazards will develop a strong society prepared for any disaster.
Emily Lehr Wallace and David R. Millar

Geologic Column
Was Chicken Little Right?
The sky is falling on science and technology in the United States — or is it?
Fred Schwab
departments Profiles
Geofellows in D.C.

Check out this month's Energy Notes!

Energy & Resources
Mineral of the Month: Gypsum

Books: On the Shelf for the Holidays
Books: Quakes, shakes and fakes: A review of The Big One
Maps: New maps from the U.S. Geological Survey

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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

Canada contains large deposits of tar-like oil sands, which give the country the world's second largest proven crude oil reserves. Mining for the sands, however, is technologically challenging. Read more on page 22 and 32, and read throughout the issue about other oil "hot spots" and new technologies. Photo is courtesy of Syncrude Canada. Upper right: Hurricane Charley was the first of four large hurricanes to hit Florida this past August and September. Some researchers say that the occurrence of extreme events may increase in coming years as the climate warms. Read more on page 38. Image courtesy of NASA/Orbimage.
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Later this month:
Geologic Column: Was Chicken Little Right?
January: Geology in Criminal Investigations

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