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June 22
Travels in Geology: Maine
June 17
California earthquake roundup
June 16
Great Salt Lake spiral submerged
June 15

Earthquake spawns tsunami worry
June 14
Quake shakes Chile
June 9
Mexican volcano fires up
June 7
Orbital shuffle for early solar system
May 27

Style over function for stegosaur spikes

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Travels in Geology Archive

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Truth, Fiction and Everything in Between at Yellowstone
One of the world's largest volcanic systems sits below Yellowstone National Park, and although the volcano is unlikely to blow soon, interest in such an event is erupting throughout popular media.
Jake Lowenstern

Novel Takes on Climate Change Print Exclusive
Two recent science-fiction books take vastly different approaches to covering the science and controversy behind climate change.
Nathan E. Hultman

Bringing Dinosaurs to Life Print Exclusive
Cinematic interpretations of the world of the dinosaurs are more engaging and complex than ever, thanks to high-tech computer imaging and new fossil discoveries.
Megan Sever
Plus: Making Science TV News
Print Exclusive

news.html News Notes
Cosmic bursts to blame for mass extinction
Odd microbes at Yellowstone
Salt mass-produced by Maya
Egg-laying dinosaurs
Seeing earthquakes from space
Mammals not out of Africa
Peaks of eternal light on the moon
Revising the asteroid threat scale
Double-crossing the core
New seasonal hurricane prediction

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Coal-mining-induced earthquakes
Volcanoes in a sensitive climate

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Oil platforms fuel fish farms
Oil pipeline in whale territory
Mineral of the Month: Rhenium

Education & Outreach
Golfer Phil Mickelson on Science
Phil Mickelson and ExxonMobil have teamed up to create an academy to help get science teachers up to par.
Megan Sever

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views.html Comment
Hunting for Science Messages
Rather than shooting out information en masse, scientists need target only a handful of U.S. leaders to influence national science policy decisions.
Rick Borchelt

Political Scene
Water Woes: Predictable But Not Inevitable
With forethought, decision-makers and scientists can work together to mitigate the hydrologic impacts of development.
Eloise Kendy

Geologic Column
A Discount Department Store University
Many universities are adopting a business model to determine which departments stay and which go, affecting not only the faculty but also the students.
Nicholas H. Tibbs

departments Profiles
Lonnie Thompson: Tracking ice in the tropics

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Movies: Selling extreme life on the extreme screen
Books: Touring the planet: A review of Earth: An Intimate History
On the Shelf: Climate change picks from Kim Stanley Robinson
Maps: New view of North America

On the Web: Yellowstone and dinosaurs

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
June 6, 1980
Luis and Walter Alvarez propose an impact explanation for the dinosaurs’ demise.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

Three Jurassic sauropod dinosaurs come to life in these DinoMorph models that replicate their appearances and movements based on the latest in paleontology. Apatosaurus and Diplodocus (left) are stretching to reach the head height of the giant Brachiosaurus. Such models are valuable for documentaries and movies seeking to portray the ancient creatures. Image courtesy of Kent A. Stevens, University of Oregon.
Read more about the making of dinosaurs for the small screen on page 30.
announcing Coming Soon...
July: Space exploration

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