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October 28
The force behind Wilma
October 21
Evolution battles continue
October 14
Travels in Geology: On Darwin's trail
October 10
Kashmir earthquake
October 7
Greenhouse gases revisited Updated at 10:00 a.m., Oct. 12
September 26
Rita: Could have been worse Updated at 2:00 p.m., Sept. 27
September 9
Katrina strikes the energy sector

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China's Changing Landscape
China's maturing economy is leading to a domestic environmental movement.
Naomi Lubick

Making Sense of Middle Eastern Petroleum Print Exclusive
The volatile Middle East produces more than 30 percent of the world's oil, but estimates vary widely on just how much oil is left and where to find it.
Rasoul Sorkhabi

Feuding Over the Origins of Fossil Fuels
Oil and natural gas come from dead plants and animals heated over time — or maybe not? A minority camp is challenging the norms of petroleum geology.
Lisa M. Pinsker

Developing a Scientific Workforce in Africa Print Exclusive
Education may be the only tool that will allow Africa's citizens to turn around the continent and develop its vast natural resources.
Megan Sever

news.html News Notes
Carbon's complicated river ride
New flare for space weather prediction
Revisiting the satellite record
Moon soil, Earth air?
Ancient Peruvian engineers
Ozone link to Permian extinction
Volcanic prepping for dinosaur extinction
Ancient teeth tell diet secrets
Serengeti in the Great Plains

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Hurricane Katrina hits hard
Ice’s electric sidekick

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Katrina blows in higher gas prices
Mineral of the Month: Manganese

Trends & Innovations Print Exclusive
Geophysics and Archaeology Collide
A church buried below a Tunisian olive grove, the remains of the first Jamestown settler and a pueblo under a Santa Fe parking lot — what do these all have in common? A geological tool that led to their discoveries.
Megan Sever

Education & Outreach
Taking a 3-D Field Trip
Travel to Mars, the Grand Canyon and Lake Superior all inside the walls of any classroom.
Naomi Lubick

views.html Comment
Teaching Urban Geology From the Bottom Up
Understanding our cities’ geologic landscapes is essential to our society’s well-being.
Jon L. Rau

Political Scene
A Denuclearized Korean Peninsula
While trekking through North Korea’s granitic mountains, one geologist got a unique perspective on relations between North and South Korea.
Katie Donnelly

Geologic Column
The View From Chamonix
A visit to France yields some unexpected thoughts on energy use worldwide.
Fred Schwab

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departments Profiles
Sam Adams: Humanist geologist

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Straight from the source: Simon Winchester: Writing from geology’s front lines Print exclusive
Books: Who said geology had to be boring?: A review of Never Piss Into the Wind
Books: On shaky ground: A review of A Crack in the Edge of the World

On the Web: Auroras and space weather

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
October 17, 1973: OPEC Oil Embargo
Americans line up at the gas pump, as Middle Eastern countries cut off their petroleum exports in protest of U.S. policies.

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Where on Earth?

A man cycles past cooling towers at the coal-powered Fuxin Electricity Plant in Fuxin, in China's northeast Liaoning province on Feb. 17. Demand for power in China is soaring as the economy booms, leading to increased demand for coal production. Throughout China, and particularly in Beijing, the government is trying to implement sweeping environmental changes to keep up with the economic development. Read more here. Photo is from AP/Wide World Photos.
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November: Weather Watch

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