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September 28
Parkfield finally quakes
September 20
Travels in Geology: Central Park
September 16
Ice age insight
September 7
Botched earthquake prediction
September 2
California's lost its Moho
August 30
Wide-open West
August 20
Tahoe quakes: business as usual?

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Assessing University Research, the British Way
An invasive review system by the U.K. government makes the call on who gets research dollars and who's on the chopping block.
David Rickard

Building Geology for the Future: Cui Bono?
Developing an engaged scientific community is the only way to strengthen and save university geology departments.
Lisa A. Rossbacher and Dallas D. Rhodes

Broadening Horizons for Students
Some geology departments are taking a growth tactic for survival: opening their doors to a wide breadth of complementary geoscience subjects.
Naomi Lubick

Undergrad Forums: It's All About the Process
Who says that serious research and presentation are only for graduate students? Undergrads have more opportunities than you might think.
Megan Sever
news.html News Notes
Solar storms strip water off Mars
A mistaken link in human history
Ediacaran fossil up close
Warming up to rock falls
Measuring sea-level rise
Magnetic murals
Global science standings
Hurricanes' green thumb
Slower cooling in Oregon
Illegal uranium mining in the Congo

Vostok’s complicated ridge
Gauging The Geysers with quakes

Energy & Resources
Booking and rebooking oil reserves
Since Shell downgraded its petroleum reserves earlier this year, several companies have made similar plays, creating more controversy and discussion within the oil industry.
Megan Sever

Breaking down dams
Across the United States, people are increasingly removing dams for both safety and environmental reasons.
Naomi Lubick

views.html Comment
Transforming Teachers into Designers
A new program is asking teachers to think big when planning their earth science curriculum.
Harold McWilliams

Political Scene
Mr. Smith in Washington: Fighting for Science
In the cynical world of Capitol Hill politics, there are still some people who inspire optimism among science advocates.
Dan Byers

Geologic Column
Hit the Ground Running: Freshman Seminars
A rock, a van, some books and a microscope: Geology gets back to the basics in a university class designed for freshmen.
Warren Huff
departments Profiles
Lucy Jones: The calm after the quake

Check out this month's Energy Notes!

Movies: Earthquakes, climate change and reel disasters
Books: How did we lose Glen?: A review of Glen Canyon Dammed
Maps: Mapping mining impacts in Missouri
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Where on Earth?

College students examine an 800-year-old basaltic dike at Reykjanes, Iceland. Nine students and three professors from eight different colleges participated in the Keck Geology Consortium Iceland Project in 2003-2004. Read the story on page 32 in the print edition, or online later this month, for more about the Keck program and other opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct and present research. Photo by Brennan Jordan, College of Wooster, and courtesy of the Keck Geology Consortium.

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