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March 28
Hundreds dead in magnitude-8.7 Sumatra earthquake Updated 9:00 a.m., March 29
March 28
Sumatra seismic risk
March 25

Broken bones yield T. rex tissue
March 17
New Neanderthal knowledge
March 16
Travels in Geology: Hiking Nicaragua's volcanoes
March 10
Revisiting the Lost City

Webextras Archive
Travels in Geology Archive

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Do you think we'll ever be able to predict exactly when and where an earthquake will strike?

Yes, like clockwork
Yes, but not consistently
No, never

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Earthquakes: Predicting the Unpredictable?
Seismologists are in the midst of a renaissance in reading the planet's signs, to try to forecast when and where an earthquake will strike.
Susan E. Hough
Plus! Warning: Tsunami

Monitoring a Restless Volcano:
The 2004 Eruption of Mount St. Helens Print Exclusive
Last October, Mount St. Helens in Washington awoke after 20 years of quiet, to the surprise of scientists. What will happen next is anyone's guess.
Cynthia Gardner

El Niño: Predicting Cause and Effect Print Exclusive
We are in the middle of an El Niño, but scientists have yet to work out all the complexities of the phenomenon to accurately predict when it will happen and how it will affect weather worldwide.
Scott Curtis

news.html News Notes
Dinosaur-eating mammal
Quake uplifted Japan
Cities at risk from below
Evolution battles rage
Mother lode of hominid fossils
Paleo-Antarctic puzzle
Dead zones off New Jersey
Rocky debate over early life
Submarine hits unmapped mountain
TIGER in the sky

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Western Winter Storm Brew
In December and January, a series of storms slammed California and other western states, leaving piles of snow and mud behind.

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Burying carbon dioxide, Part II
Cuban oil find
Mineral of the Month: Tin

Education & Outreach
Wilderness and Volcanology Camp

Students in Alaska and Russia are bridging boundaries and learning life lessons about people, cultures and volcanoes.
Megan Sever

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views.html Comment
Marketing an Asteroid Threat
It is tough to tease out real threats and accurate science in a sea of publicity geared toward raising support for research programs.
Joseph Richard Gutheinz

Political Scene
Inside Baseball Rules Congress
Scientists need to learn the legislative landscape to successfully maneuver through Capitol Hill.
Emily Lehr Wallace

Geologic Column
Survivors’ Guilt
Developing warning systems for the next tsunami disaster may be straightforward, but convincing countries to change their views of natural hazards is more complex.
Fred Schwab

departments Profiles
Keiiti Aki: Seismological polymath

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Trends and Innovations
Rock Holds Get Real Print Exclusive
Indoor rock climbing walls are more sophisticated than ever, engineered to imitate real-life rock types and textures.
Jay Chapman


Maps: An elevated view of Earth
With oil or without it? A review of four books on the future of oil
On the Web

Benchmarks Print Exclusive
March 27, 1980

A North Sea oil platform collapses, killing 123 people.

Table of Contents
Where on Earth?

Debris still litters the city of Meulaboh on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, weeks after the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the region. U.S. Marine Corps photo is by Pfc. Nicholas T. Howes. Background: This image was taken on Dec. 29 — just three days after the tsunami hit Khao Lak, a popular tourist destination on the southern coast of Thailand. The tsunami destroyed most of the area's lush vegetation, beaches and resorts. Photo is courtesy of Space Imaging/CRISP-Singapore. While humanitarian efforts continue throughout the affected Indian Ocean area, world leaders are discussing strategies for warning communities of impending tsunami events. Read more on page 20.
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April: Climate and Society

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