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November 29
Earthquake strikes Indonesia again
November 23
Giving federal science advice
November 17
Travels in Geology: Utah's slots
November 12
More challenges to evolution
November 12
Powerful earthquake strikes Indonesia
November 5
Past warming for the future
November 4
Iceland volcano erupts

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Methane Hydrate and Abrupt Climate Change
Large release of natural gas from ice-like structures located on the seafloor may have played an important role in global change millions of years ago.
Gerald R. Dickens

Gas Hydrates as a Future Energy Resource
With natural gas prices on the rise, many researchers are looking into the potential of making gas hydrates, both onshore and offshore, a viable resource.
Timothy S. Collett

Technology: Detecting Marine Gas Hydrates
So they may be a future energy resource and indicators of past climate change, but how do we find them?
Naomi Lubick

news.html News Notes
Genesis crashes with pieces of the sun
Impacting the origin of life
Monitoring aboriginal rock art
Taking the fossil out of fuels
Parenting Psittacosaurus
Fuel economies, Part II
Fish advisories on the rise
Restricting satellite data access
Mount St. Helens erupts in activity

Beneath the Bermuda Triangle
Could giant bubbles of gas released from the seafloor be responsible for the infamous disappearances of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle?
Megan Sever

Connecting People to Science in the Himalaya

One geologist took her work to the next level — bridging both cultural and scientific gaps between students in Nepal and the United States.
Beth Pratt-Sitaula

In Search of the Goodwill Moon Rocks: A Personal Account
An undercover agent for NASA recounts his experiences tracking down both bogus moon rocks and real moon rocks smuggled out of the countries that own them.
Joseph Richard Gutheinz

views.html Comment
Building an Earth Observation System
The thousands of observation platforms monitoring the world’s oceans, land and air, need to join together as a system of systems.
Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbaucher Jr.

Political Scene
Open Access: Open Debate?
Giving free and open access to any published research paid for with taxpayer
dollars is more complex than it may seem.
Emily Lehr Wallace

Geologic Column
Pick Up Your Pencils Please
From war to the SATs, modern pencils have a fascinating history that dates back some 500 years.
Lisa A. Rossbacher

departments Profiles
Ernie Mancini: Bridging oil research and politics

Check out this month's Energy Notes!

Energy & Resources
Fusion stalemate
A “takeout” nuclear plant
Mineral of Month: Indium

Books: The End of Oil?: An analysis of five recent books on world oil supply
Books: Uncertain Weather: A review of Our Affair with El Niño
Maps: Digital Mapping in Kentucky

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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

Sometimes called "fire in ice," methane hydrate, shown here sustaining its own combustion, is one of a group of gas hydrates that consist of light natural gases trapped in ice-like cages. Some researchers think the hydrates played a role in past climate change, and others are looking into their potential as a source of energy. Read more about hydrates throughout the issue. Photo by J. Pinkston and L. Stern/U.S. Geological Survey. Upper right: Five Navy Avengers similar to those shown here disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle on Dec. 5, 1945, during a routine training mission. Read about scientific investigations into the Bermuda Triangle. Photo courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation.

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Trends: In Search of the Goodwill Moon Rocks: A Personal Account; Geologic Column: Pick up your pencils, please
December: Oil Hot Spots

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