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December 23
No lake on Mars?
December 20
Victory for evolution in Dover
December 7
Ice in a martian desert
December 5

Earthquake shakes East Africa Updated at 11:00 a.m., Dec. 6
November 28

Earthquakes hit China and Iran
November 21
Travels in Geology: Las Vegas

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What do you think is the most significant earth science news story of the year?

High energy prices
Hurricane Katrina
Kashmir earthquake
Climate change
Space shuttle launch

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Highlights of 2005

A Year of Living Dangerously
From Sumatra to the Gulf Coast, natural disasters remind us of the dynamic forces at work on Earth and our growing responsibility to understand and address them.
David Applegate

Plus! The top hazards news stories of 2005

A Warming World
Global-scale models and observations are sharpening scientists' view of a dramatically changing climate.
Kevin E. Trenberth
Plus! The top climate stories of 2005

Energy Outlook 2005

Energy has been in the spotlight in the wake of Gulf Coast hurricanes, peak oil predictions and increased worldwide demand.
William L. Fisher
Plus! The top energy stories of 2005

Out of the Past and Into the Future
New techniques and fossil finds are shaping understanding of life's patterns through time.
Douglas H. Erwin

Plus! The top paleontology stories of 2005

Exploring the Universe Print Exclusive
Planetary geologist David J. Stevenson talks about the biggest discoveries in space over the past year.
Plus! The top space stories of 2005
news.html News Notes
Halting exploding lakes
National parks in crisis
New view of a Saturnian moon
Road salt contaminates water
Mammal growth spurt

Slushball life
Sun fuels climate change
Correcting the fossil record
Open access wide open

Geophenomena Print Exclusive
Landslides bury Guatemala
Quake sets off landslides in Kashmir

Energy & Resources Print Exclusive
Tight home fuel supply
Mineral of the Month: Aluminum

Education & Outreach
Confronting Evolution Challenges at Museums and Parks
With increasing public attention on nonscientific alternatives to evolution, museums and parks are getting more aggressive in teaching visitors what science is and is not.
Kathryn Hansen

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views.html Comment
Don’t Try to Fool Mother Nature
Protecting a city that lies in a delta such as New Orleans is an uphill battle against the laws of nature.
Donald C. Swanson

Political Scene
Now We Must Conserve
As the federal deficit grows, so too does concern over fiscal priorities in Congress.
Linda Rowan

Geologic Column
New Orleans: Why Rebuild?

The devastation in New Orleans raises serious questions about (re)developing coastal areas.
Fred Schwab
departments Profiles
Geoscientists meet Hill policy

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Benchmarks Print Exclusive
December 16, 1811: Earthquake strikes American heartland
A set of earthquakes in the Midwest sets off a busy winter of seismic activity in the center of the United States.

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Where on Earth?

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Tyrannosaurus rex head photo courtesy of University of California Museum of Paleontology; Hurricane Wilma photo courtesy of NASA/MODIS Rapid Response Team at Goddard Space Flight Center.
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Geologic Column: New Orleans: Why Rebuild?; Education & Outreach: Tackling Evolution Challenges at Museums and Parks
January: Dinosaur revolution

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