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January 24
TIGER in the sky
January 14
Huygens touches down on Titan
January 13

Evolution disclaimers unconstitutional
January 13
Bombing a comet
January 11
Travels in Geology: Just what the DR ordered
December 29

Science on a budget
December 27 updated, Jan. 3
Indonesian quake triggers massive tsunami

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Collecting Crime Evidence from Earth
The use of geologic materials for solving criminal and civil cases has existed for 100 years.
Raymond C. Murray

Plus! Becoming a Forensic Geologist Web Exclusive

Murder and Mud in the Shenandoah
With one man shot dead and another seriously injured at a boat landing in Virginia, the police turned to a soil expert to help crack the case.
Megan Sever

Investigating Mining Frauds
Salted mine piles, precious-metal hoaxes and false testimony — a former investigator for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission shares his favorite stories.
David M. Abbott Jr.

news.html News Notes
Grand Canyon floods
Honeybee survival stings impact theory
Frozen volcanism on Titan
Revealing a rune stone's secrets
Opportunity snaps Meridiani on Mars
El Niño drives rainfall
Stalagmite shows connected climate
Acid rain curbs global warming
Horses' mouths date Sierra Nevada uplift

Getting to the Source of the Puget Sound Oil Spill
Nearly three months after a large oil spill offshore Tacoma, Wash., investigators are still trying to identify the source.
Naomi Lubick

New Tools for Finding Life on Mars
Counter-bioterrorism research is leading to the development of a new generation of technology for detecting life on the Red Planet.
Nancy Ellen Roth

Astronaut Geology Field Training
For 40 years, astronauts have been prepping for their extraterrestrial terrains and orbital missions by learning about geology down on Earth.
William R. Muehlberger

views.html Comment
Science in Mainstream Media
Forensic geology can be a powerful hook to pull people into the scientific world.
Sarah Andrews

Political Scene
Stacking Up the New Congress
The new members of Congress will join the ranks this month in shaping national policies on energy and the environment.
Emily Lehr Wallace

Geologic Column
Mount Everest, Nevada
Finding a permanent storage site for the nation's nuclear waste is a problem of mountainous proportions.
Fred Schwab
departments Profiles
Norman Newell: Legendary and versatile
In Memoriam: David M. Delo and Michel T. Halbouty

Energy & Resources
Heavy-metal sponge
Remotely sensing rock types
Mineral of Month: Chromium

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Forensic geology on the small screen
On the Shelf: Forensic Geology — Fact and Fiction
Rock of Ages: A review of Ancient Earth, Ancient Skies
South Dakota mapping

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Where on Earth?

Soils can provide valuable evidence in linking a suspect to a crime. In Front Royal, Va., for example, forensic geologists helped place a man at the scene of a murder by comparing the mud on his Jeep to mud from the crime scene. Forensic geologists can also help investigate cases involving explosions, intelligence data and mining fraud. Read more about forensic geology throughout the issue. Image created by Mark Shaver.
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February: Fossil Finds

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