Petra: An Eroding Ancient City
Petra in southern Jordan is a testament to human ingenuity in managing water. But since the city's demise about 1,700 years ago, weathering has threatened the stability of this cultural icon.
Naomi Lubick
Plus: Preserving an Afghan landmark

Revisiting the Fall of the Old Man of the Mountain
In May 2003, New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain fell to its end, a victim of erosion. A year later, the state is still debating how to commemorate the structure.
David R. Wunsch and Brian Fowler
Memorials in Stone
In the 20th century, granite outcrops became an important medium for honoring people in U.S. history.
Geotimes Staff


June 28
Midwest shaking
June 24
Evidence for impact winter
June 22
Travels in Geology: Adventures in Charleston
June 17
To Mars and beyond
June 15
Domed dinos made love not war
June 9
Indonesian volcanoes erupt
June 7
Hazards roundup: Iran and Kilauea

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News Notes
Reworking the Cambrian explosion
Super-size quake
Tapping methane hydrates in the Gulf
Closing the dating gap
Making El Niño predictions
Why the wobble?
Shifting compass points
Early volcanic living
Big impact for a small Moon mineral

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Space Exploration and Development: Why Humans?
Exploration of the Moon, planets and beyond should use the best combination of human and robotic techniques.
Harrison H. Schmitt

Political Scene
Science Funding Left Behind
Funding of science programs in U.S. public schools may get short shrift with the new federal budget.
Emily Lehr Wallace

Geoscience Education & Outreach
Touching the Stars
Geoscientists are using innovative approaches to teaching their subject matter to visually impaired students.
Naomi Lubick

An Infrasound Renaissance
Measuring low-frequency sounds around the world can fuel research in everything from monitoring volcanic ash plumes to identifying the best waves for surfing.
Megan Sever

Geologic Column
Geologic Risk Assessment: Alan Greenspan or Pete Rose?
Managing geologic risks must go beyond simple cost-benefit analysis.
Fred Schwab


Larry Funkhouser: The “Midwestern” oil explorer

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9/11 clears skies for climate studies
Dangerous dust storms on the rise

Energy & Resources
At the pump, Part II
Mineral of the Month: Copper

The Climate Waltz: A review of The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization
New science museum in the nation’s capital
New maps from the U.S. Geological Survey

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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

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In southern Jordan, the winding sandstone canyon walls of the Siq lead to the entrance of Petra and the imposing facade of a monument known as the Treasury. An elaborate system of canals and cisterns once controlled flash floods that carved the Siq over millennia. See feature story for more. Photo courtesy of Tom Paradise.




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Technology: The Infrasound Renaissance; Geologic Column: Geologic Assessment: Alan Greenspan or Pete Rose?

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