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October 27
Volcanic gas and early life
October 25
Deadly quakes shake Japan
October 15
Travels in Geology: Pedaling D.C.'s monuments
Extra: This is Earth Science Week
October 14 Oct. 1 - Oct. 14 updates
Mount St. Helens activity
September 28 updated Sept. 29
Parkfield finally quakes

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Read last month's Geotimes presidential election poll results.

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Geotimes Poll

Does your car get as many miles to the gallon as you expected when you bought it?

Don't know

Have you ever considered buying a hybrid car?

Yes, I've bought one


The Geoscience Vote
As Americans take to the polls next month, the presidential candidates and Congress continue to debate policies on energy, the environment, and science education and funding.
Geotimes staff

Energy Issues Take Center Stage in Senate Races
Gas prices, oil drilling and alternative energy — all are major players in the races for 34 seats and majority control in the Senate.
Ashlee Dere, Bridget K. Martin and Emily Lehr Wallace

Afghanistan Redux: Better Late than Never?
As the war rubble clears, scientists are working to help the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country.
John F. Shroder Jr.
news.html News Notes
Fuel economies, Part I
Tsunami story strikes again
Super waves sink ships
Traveling on Mars
T. rex hits puberty
Melting glaciers promote earthquakes
Sound data for seismic array
California's Moho
Botched prediction

An ashen threat to aviation safety
Volcano refuge ends

Seeing No Child Left Behind in the Classroom
The new national education law is having unexpected consequences for teaching science in K-12.
Jay Chapman

Dynamo in a Box
A little sodium plus a steel ball and a lot of ingenuity may produce a lab-grown geodynamo for better understanding Earth’s magnetic field.
Naomi Lubick

views.html Comment
Geologic Mapping for the Future
Geologic mapping data are useful in everything from homeland security to devising crop rotations.
Congressman Ron Kind (D-Wis.)

Political Scene
Petrology and Politics
An igneous petrologist leaves her research behind to pursue science policy in Washington, D.C.
Katie Donnelly

Geologic Column
Platinum, Titanium and Lance Armstrong’s Winning Ride
One metal helped save his life, the other helped make him a champion.
Elisabeth G. Newton

departments Profiles
Heidi Tringe and Gene Whitney: View from the White House
In Memoriam: Philip Hauge Abelson and Thomas Gold

Check out this month's Energy Notes!

Energy & Resources
Elizabethan gold riddle solved
Mineral of Month: Titanium

Television: Local TV makes learning geology fun
Books: Extinction realities: A review of Gorgon
Movies: Baffling flash-frozen science
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Letter from the Editor
Where on Earth?

Left: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) speaks at the New Jersey AFL-CIO's 26th Constitutional Convention at Bally's Atlantic City on June 15. Photo by Nicholas Roberts/AFP/Getty Images. Right: President George W. Bush speaks to a gathering of the American Conservative Union at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, D.C., on May 13. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Read about the candidates’ views on key geoscience issues. Upper right: Photo of Toyota Prius is courtesy of Toyota. See story.

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Later this month:
Afghanistan Redux: Better Late than Never?; Geologic Column
November: Fire in Ice — the past, present and future of gas hydrates

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