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Profiles of earth scientists along with news from AGI and its member societies

Current Profiles

2008 Issues
July Stephanie Schwabe
June Ruth DeFries
May Don Paul
April Susan Avery
March Spencer Wells
February Robin Bell
January Marshall Shepherd

2007 Issues
December Five New Congressional Science Fellows
November David Applegate
October Geologist Sarah Gaines
September Seismologist Brian Tucker
August Gavin Schmidt and Michael Mann
July Geophysicist Ross Stein
May Robert Nemiroff and Jerry Bonnell
April Wallace Broecker: Changes in the atmosphere
March At first light: Q & A with Maxine Singer
February Susan Cannon: Watching for flowing mud
January Max Mayfield: In the eye of the storm

2006 Issues
December Congressional science fellows: Broadening horizons
November Mark D. Myers: Politics, pipelines and permafrost
October David Fastovsky: Dinosaur virtuoso
September Donald Forsyth: At play in the field
August Todd Hoeksema: A flare for all things solar
July H. Jay Zwally: Glaciologist by chance
June Natalie Mahowald: Interdisciplinary intellect
May Ralph Cicerone: Chemistry, baseball and politics
April Ann Carpenter: Searching for gold
March Patrick Leahy: Traversing boundaries
February Margaret Kivelson: Magnetically minded
January Gerald Friedman: Sedimentary historian

2005 Issues
December Geoscientists meet Hill policy: Congressional Fellows Kit Batten, Nicole Gasparini, Steve Quane, Eryn Robinson, Josh Trapani
November Donald Russell: Paleontologiste français
October Sam Adams: Humanist geologist
September Paul Bierman: New landscapes for teaching
August Brian Atwater: Earthquake hunter in the field
July Marcia McNutt: Oceangoing geophysicist
June Lonnie Thompson: Tracking ice in the tropics
May Michael Collier: Doctor, photographer, geologist
April G. Brent Dalrymple: Deep time in a tarpaper shack
March Keiiti Aki: Seismological polymath
February George H. Billingsley: Mapping the Grand Canyon
January Norman Newell: Legendary and versatile

2004 Issues
December GeoFellows in D.C.: Sarah Noble, Lydia Olander, Jana Davis, Katie Donnelly and Melissa D. Ho
November Ernie Mancini: Bridging oil research and politics
October Heidi Tringe and Gene Whitney: View from the White House
September Lucy Jones: The calm after the quake
August Susan Solomon: Chemistry in the clouds
July Joining the academy: The National Academy of Sciences has elected six geoscientists to join its membership this year. [Donald Helmberger, Raymond Jeanloz, Dennis Kent, George Philander, Maria Zuber, David Stevenson]
June Larry Funkhouser: The "Midwestern" oil explorer
May Reds Wolman: From cows to pebble counts
April Past is Prologue: Honoring young scientists [Michael Manga, Guido Salvucci, Kurt Cuffey and Liangxing Wen]
Julie Jackson: The quiet public geologist
February Don Turcotte: From convection to chaos
January W. Jason Morgan: Geophysics guru honored

2003 Issues
December Congressional Fellows: Climbing the Hill
November Ed Roy: Thinking and teaching in Texas
October David Krause: Kudos at home and abroad
September Jim Davis: Lessons from Josiah Whitney
August Kathryn Sullivan: It's about the journey
July Peter Vail: The sedimentary time master
June Mary Lou Zoback and James Dieterich: Survey scientists in the National Academy; Bill Dietrich
May Carolyn and Barb Tewksbury
April Vicki Cowart: From rocks to reproductive rights
Dick Fiske: Basic research yields big finds
February Gail Ashley: Outstanding educator encourages tenure change
January William Bowie medalist: Adam Dziewonski; AGU Awards of excellence

2002 Issues
December Fellows take earth science to the Hill; Ian Campbell winner: Frank Rhodes; Heroy winner: Bob Ridky
November Philip Bart; Minority scholars announced
October Walter Alvarez; John McPhee; Richard Gordon; Sam Adams
September International Basement Tectonics Association Inc; John Grotzinger; Museum of the Earth
August Dan Smith; Tanya Atwater
July Charles Keeling; D. James Baker
June Richard Monastersky and Diane Tennant; Eugenie Scott; Bill Crain
May Mary L. Fleming; Gale Norton; Tim Kusky
April Alexandra Navrotsky; Maureen Raymo; Farouk El-Baz
March Christopher Chyba; Bill Wilson and Leonard Konikow; Charles S. Falkenberg Award; John Orcutt
February Dan McKenzie, Richard Fairbanks, Albrecht Hofmann, the late Dorothy Stout, Vassilis Angelopoulos, Dan Schrag and Azadeh Tabazadeh.
January Peter Smeallie; Anthony Kampf; John Rishel and Bill Condit; and Margaret Mangan

2001 Issues
December Robert J. Weimer; Jack Hess; Steven M. Stanley; John Noble Wilford
November G. Brent Dalrymple and Eugenie C. Scott; John Southard; Sarah Andrews; Michel T. Halbouty; David Curtiss
October Daniel Weill; John J. Dragonetti, Susan M. Landon, William V. Knight and Thomas G. Fails; Kenneth Weaver; Azerbaijan scholars; Charles "Chip" Groat
July Cheng-kong Chou; Ambassadors for Science; Alma Hale Paty; Paul Hummel; NAS members; David Farmer
June Paul Scheidig; Glennda Chui and Richard Stone; Deborah Sacrey
May Rob Van der Voo; David Stephenson; Pick and Gavel Awards; Fossils of Ohio; Marlan Downey
April Sharon Mosher; Howard Harper; student research grants; Susan Landon
March John Nicholl; Maurice Deul; Chip Groat; Thomas Swetnam;
February Gilbert F. White; Theodora Zoto; Philippe Theys;
January Larry D. Woodfork; Lloyd Cluff; Samuel S. Adams; Quentin Williams and Scott Doney

2000 Issues
December Invertebrate micropaleontology grant; Joel L. Pederson; Ronald Baird; Elizabeth Nicholls
November Konrad Krauskopf; Steven Bohlen; David Wunsch; Suzanne O’Connell; Luna Leopold; John Doran
October Azerbaijan scholars; Material Service Corp; Thomas A. Steven; SEG Grants; James Cotter
September Christopher Beard, Dan Schrag and Carl Safina
August Biogeoscience at AGU; SEG building; Scott Baldridge
July Junior Nobel Laureates; Showcasing science; George Davis and Joaquin Ruiz; Robbie Rice Gries;
Obituary: Gary D. Howell
June Alexandra Witze and Richard L. Hill; Gerald M. Friedman; Marcus Milling; Kathryn Makeig; John E. Scherer; NAS members; Obituary: Harold L. James
May Congressional Visits; NAE members; Pick and Gavel Awards; Walter D. Keller; Obituary: Eduard Henri “Henk” Dahlberg
April National Medal of Science; Fulbright grants; Siegfried Muessig; Outstanding Educator Award; Scott W. Tinker; Geology Letters; Obituary: Perry L. Ehlig
March SOP grants; Louis L. Jacobs; John Estes; Kathryn Clement; NAS awards; Obituary: William “Bill” T. Holser
February AGU on evolution; Larry A. Lebofsky; Mohamed Sultan; USNS Mary Sears; James C. Cobb; Obituary: John Charles Ferm
January Grant A. Meyer; T. Markham Puckett; Mary Lou Zoback; Quenton C. Williams and MSA awardees; Russell G. Slayback; Larry D. Woodfork and AGI officers; Obituary: James V. O’Connor

1999 Issues
December SSA, SEG, AWG, National Association of State Boards of Geology officers; calendar; Obituary: Charles Day Masters
November People & Places; officers; Obituary: Charles Davis Hollister
October People & Places; Julia A. Jackson; Donald C. Haney; Pamela Hallock Muller; Distinguished Lecture Program; SOP officers including pres-elect Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay; James Basinger; Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve; Obituary: Eugene M. Shoemaker


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