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2008 Issues

  • August Climate change and the electric grid; Ocean fertilization; Traveling around Oregon
  • July Meteorite Strikes Peru; Traveling to Guilin, China; Tracking Hurricanes
  • June Food versus Fuel; Road Trip; Salt of the Earth
  • May Venturing to Venus
  • April Desert Power: A Solar Renaissance
  • March Down with the Dams: Unchaining U.S. Rivers
  • February Oil Around the World
  • January Out of Africa: Following the Arabian Trail

2007 Issues

2006 Issues

  • December Highlights of 2006
  • November Exploring Alaska's Oil and Gas
  • October Geocatastrophes
  • September Coal
  • August Controlling Nature
  • July The Race to Space
  • June Taking the Nano View
  • May The Hunt for Clean Drinking Water at Our Coasts and Around the World
  • April A New Look at Mining: The Changing Landscape for Resource Development
  • March Ice: What It Reveals About the Planet's Climate Past, Present & Future
  • February Turning Trash Into Energy: From Digging Landfill Wells for Gas to Alternative Fuel Technologies
  • January A Dinosaur Revolution

2005 Issues

  • December Highlights of 2005
  • November Natural Hazards: The Rising Cost
  • October Global Resources: China's Changing Landscape
  • September Human Evolution: Following our Ancestors
  • August Renewable Energy: Plugging into the Grid
  • July Deep Impact: Coming July 4 to a Comet Near You
  • June Science to Screen: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Movies
  • May Human Health: Malaria Mapping & Prevention, Lead's Toxic Urban Legacy and Children's Health ... and More
  • April Submerged: 8,000 Years of Flooding in Egypt — Coping With Climate Change
  • March Predicting Disaster: Tsunamis, Earthquakes and More
  • February Fossil Hunting in Antarctica and Around the World
  • January Murder and Mud: Investigating Crime Scenes

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2004 Issues

  • December Oil Hotspots
  • November Methane Hydrates
  • October Election 2004
  • September Higher Education
  • August Geology and Wine
  • July Highlights: Discoveries in the Earth Sciences
  • June Stone Sculpture
  • May Groundwater on Tap
  • April In Harm's Way: Living with Volcanoes
  • March Geologic drilling
  • February Tracing the Path of the First Americans
  • January Impacts: Identifying the Structures Asteroids and Comet Collisions Leave Behind

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2003 Issues

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2002 Issues

  • December On the Ocean Floor
  • November The Future of Oil and Gas
  • October Urban Geology
  • September Teaching Earth Science
  • August Pipeline Survey Finds a Relic of History; Geoscience Funding Texas-Style
  • July Highlights: Discoveries in the Earth Sciences
  • June Saving Earth's Legacies
  • May Water
  • April Earthscope
  • March Our Nuclear Legacy
  • February Geology of Afghanistan
  • January Soils

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2001 Issues

  • December Past Climates, Future Change
  • November Geoscience and Human Health
  • October Geologic Detective Story in Kansas
  • September Annual Geoscience Education issue
  • August Ocean Drilling Program: Geoscience Societies Going Global
  • July Annual Highlights Issue: Overview of 2000 Research
  • June Geology Roadtrips; Energy Research and Policy for the Future
  • May Moving Earth: Karst the Stealthy Hazard; Dress Rehearsal for the 'Big One'; Earthquake Devastates Vulnerable India
  • April  Geoscience and Public Policy: Geology in National Parks; Congressional Scientists; Investments for the Future: NSF and USGS
  • March It's Time to Know the World's Mineral Resources; The Vredefort Saga; The State of Mining in Africa
  • February GeoJobs: Jobs in the Core Fields: Off the Beaten Path
  • January E-communication and Earth Science: Scientific e-Journals; Integrating Information; The Virtual Tutor; Becoming Digital

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2000 Issues

  • December The Evolution Debate
  • November Technology in the Earth Sciences
  • October Paleontology; The Trouble with Fossil Thieves; Paleontologists in Academia and Industry
  • September Geoscience Education
  • August Life Below and Life 'Out There'; The Making of Lunar Explorers
  • July Annual Highlights Issue: Overview of 1999 Research
  • June Science at the U.S. Geological Survey
  • May Mount St. Helens 20 Years Later; Rethinking Flood Prediction; Earth Science Week Goes Global
  • April A New Look at Natural Disasters; Mining on Federal Lands; New Geoscience Leader at NSF (Interview with Geosciences Director Margaret Leinen)
  • March The Brunton: Yesterday and Today; A 'Legendary Geoscientist'
  • February The Science of Forensic Geology; Azerbaijan's Oil Opportunities
  • January Buried Treasure: Recharging Oil in the Gulf of Mexico; The Environmental Stories of Microfossils

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1999 Issues

  • December America's First Gold Rush; The Story of a Meteorite
  • November Watching New Madrid; A New Vision for the USGS: Part II
  • October Kansas Rejects Evolution: A Response from the Geoscience Community; A New Vision for the USGS (Interview with USGS Director Chip Groat)
  • September Special Issue on Geoscience Education
  • August A Crinoid Conundrum; the State of the Aggregate Industry
  • July 1998 Geoscience Highlights
  • June Rocks Redux
  • May Paleoecology of Estuaries
  • April Geoscience and Public Policy
  • March The Day the Sea Stood Still Part II
  • February The Day the Sea Stood Still
  • January Glaciers and Garnets

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1998 Issues

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1997 Issues

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1996 Issues

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